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Why You Should Always Wear a Weight Lifting Belt

Top Rated Weight Lifting BeltWearing a weight lifting belt is very common among those who seriously lift weights. If you are considering weight lifting for regular exercise, you should also be aware of the reasons why a weight lifting belt is necessary before you engage in any weight lifting routine.

The purpose of a weight lifting belt may not be obvious at first but after reading this you will come to realize why this item is advantageous. This belt functions as a stabilizer for your spine specifically in the lumbar area of the lower back so that spinal injuries can be prevented.

This item has two purposes the first is to reduce the stress brought to the lower back as you lift weights in a standing position. While it does this, it is actually preventing you from hyper-extending your back as you bring the weight over your head.

The second purpose is that it helps you the lifter to be able to position yourself in a much better manner that is not detrimental to the health of your lower back. This happens because the belt makes you aware that you are exerting the wrong pressure on your back thus makes you adjust which muscles to move accordingly to maintain good posture and to keep yourself safe from lower back injuries.

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In a scientific study conducted in the UK by a leading sport and exercise organization, there is scientific evidence that proves that using this type of belt during weight lifting stabilizes a weightlifter’s body. The participants of the said experiment who wore such belts felt less discomfort while lifting weights than those who lifted weights without wearing any belt.

This is because as a person lifts weights there will occur a loss in the spine’s stature which causes discomfort and injury on the weightlifter. This loss of stature is actually caused by a decrease in height of the spinal discs during the lifting of weights and this according to researchers can be prevented with the use of the belt for weight lifting.

Although it’s advantageous to wear a weight lifting belt, not all the exercises you do in the gym require the use of such a belt. There is a perfect time for wearing a belt and they are outlined below:

First and foremost, if you have a prior back injury you should acquire of such a belt. If you don’t have a back injury you may still be required to wear this belt due to other medical reasons.

Second, if you are a professional weight lifter and is in competition then this belt is a must.

Third, this belt should be worn at all times when the person is performing maximal lifts. Examples of maximal lifts are squats and dead lifts which are lifts in which the weight is supported by the back of the lifter.

Lastly, when performing the military press exercise which has the effect of hyper extending the back can be prevented with the use of this belt.

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It is worthwhile to note that the belt should be loosened in between sets to allow the blood pressure to return to normal levels. However, with wearing such a belt, it is still important to strengthen the back extensors and the abdominals before or after lifting a heavy weight.

A weight lifting belt does cost much so while you still can’t afford of such belt you can still try weight lifting as a form of exercise. If you can focus on using proper form and posture while bending and then lifting, you will be alright in fact there are those who claim that with the use of proper technique they were able to feel freedom from back pain.

If you are exercising at home one piece of equipment that is essential is a weight lifting bench. That with the proper weights and w eight belt will set you up with the most important essentials needed to exercise in your home.



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