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Weight Training Gloves


Weight training gloves are an essential piece of equipment for everyone who lifts weights.

They are as important to weight training as weight lifting benches and barbells. Even if you are a casual weight lifter you will benefit by weight training gloves.

These gloves that are used for lifting weights look a lot like regular gloves but with the finger portions removed. 

They come in a variety of styles and prices that range anywhere from 15$ to over 100$.

There are a number of benefits that lifting gloves provide.

When a person lifts weights, even or a short period of time the grip around the bar bell will cause blisters and calluses on the hands.  Even the smallest blister can be painful.  More importantly it can disrupt a weight trainer’s routine if they have to miss a workout for a day or two while a blister heals. 

As well, many people do not want their hands to take on a sandpaper feel with hardened calluses.  The use of weight gloves will help with help to prevent calluses and blisters.

During a workout a person will sweat and their hands will get slippery.  This can be dangerous especially if you have a heavy barbell over your head wh.  Gloves can help to give you a better grip because the part that touches the barbell will be dry.  Some weight gloves have inserts that can be removed that help to wick away the moisture.  Most all versions are designed to breathe so the moisture can escape.

These gloves will also help the person lift more weight and exercise beyond their normal means. Before you start think this claim is a real stretch, here’s how it works. 

A persons back and chest can actually lift more weight than the bare hands can handle.  Weight lifting gloves relieve the pressure on your hands when the lift is in process. 

They will increase the amount of pressure your hands can handle and allow you to lift more and have a more intense beneficial workout. 

Many versions of weight lifting gloves have special wrist support that help to prevent wrist from bending back and becoming injured.  This added support will also make it possible for the user to lift a greater amount of weight.

When you go to shop for exercise gloves be sure to get the right size.  You do not want them to be too small and cut off the circulation.  As well you do not want them to be too big so that your hands slip around in them and you do not have a sure grip.

You may be inclined to favor gloves that are inexpensive and that may be the way to go.  But you want the gloves to be durable and tough enough to hold up to what they will be put through as you weight train.

If your main concern is to get a more firm grip and keep your hands dry, inexpensive neoprene gloves may be the way to go.  But if you are going to be a serious weight lifter and using heavier weights, leather gloves will suite your needs better.

You will find many different styles for strapping the gloves on your hands.  Some have a simple Velcro strap.  Others have straps that completely wrap around your wrist, adding extra support and of course cost. 



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