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Weight Lifting Accessories

When it comes to weight lifting accessories these are primarily items that assist with weight training or lifting. 

They are designed to either provide safety, or support or allow for heavier lifting.

There are many weight lifting accessories but we will focus on the five main items here:  weight lifting benches, weight lifting belts, weight lifting gloves, weightlifting straps and grip chalk. 

It is assumed that the weight lifter will already have bar bells, dumbbells and assorted plates weights.

Weight Lifting Benches

The first and most important weight lifting accessory is a weight bench.  Even casual weight lifters benefit from this item.  A weight bench provides padding, support and safety to the spine and back.

There are different types of weight lifting benches.  The most basic are flat; others are adjustable allowing for a wider range of exercises. Most benches will have an upright rack on one end to hold a barbell with weights.

Most standard weight lifting benches are able to withstand lifting up to 185 lbs. For weight training at the higher levels an Olympic weight bench is recommended.

Weight Lifting Belt

Another essential accessory is a weight lifting belt.  These belts are meant to provide support and safety to the back. 

Used with proper technique these weight lifting belts can greatly help lifters avoid getting back injuries. 

The way a weight lifting belt works is that it stabilizes the spine, the trunk and the lumbar region of a person’s back. 

During lifting weight is loaded onto the spine causing a loss of stature and spinal shrinkage.  The support this type of belt provides prevents this loss of stature. 

Weight Lifting Gloves

Weight lifting gloves are items that are considered essential accessories for this form of fitness and exercise.  These gloves help in many ways. 

Weight lifting gloves help to prevent blisters and calluses from developing on the hand of lifters.  They also assist in improving grip which is very important for safety reasons.  They also help a person actually lift higher amounts of weight.  Because of the pressure on the hands when lifting that actually limits what a person can hoist.  Wearing weight training gloves actually relieves the pressure allowing the lifting of higher weight amounts.

Weight Lifting Straps

Weight Lifting Straps are other miscellaneous items that a lifter would want to consider.  These are usually long strips of fabric (cotton or nylon and even leather or suede) with a loop on one of the ends.  Their purpose is to improve grip with heavy exercises.  These are items worn more by serious lifters.  They can be especially helpful with exercises like deadlifts and cable rows.

Grip Chalk

Grip Chalk is another accessory you will find lifters using to assist in their sport.  This is a chalky substance that is applied to the hands and feet to absorb sweat and help improve grip.  It can also be applied to weight lifting gloves and the bottoms of shoes to help with traction.

Grip chalk is messy and many gyms frown on its use these days because it just gets all over the place and is difficult to clean up.



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