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Olympic Weight Benches

Shopping for Olympic Weight Benches can be difficult. It can be hard to find a site that offers many quality designs for the best prices.

We have done that research for you.

Here are suppliers of Olympic Weight Benches that offer the best prices we have found on the Internet.

Take a look at each and compare for yourself.

Here’s How Olympic Weight Benches are Different that Standard Weight Benches.

Standard and Olympic benches are common equipment found in any gym. However, both of these weight benches vary from each other in terms of function.

Standard and Olympic benches do have similarities. They both offer their users the benefits and flexibility to execute several routines without the need for other training equipment. Here is how they compare:


  • Both of the weight lifting benches provide a flat surface that supports their users while they perform several exercises.
  • Olympic lifting benches, however, are designed to suit the needs of serious weight lifters. These training benches can handle more than 500 lbs of weight in any given day. This type of equipment is found more at gyms.
  • Conversely, standard lifting benches focus on light dumbbell exercises because they are less sturdy. These are good for beginners and mostly, women. In terms of the bars used for this bench, they are thinner and weigh less than the 45-lbs. Olympic bars.


  • Olympic Benches: They have thicker pads and with weight racks that are further apart.
  • Standard Benches: They have thinner pads.


  • Between the two, Olympic benches are offer more stability and durability since they are designed to support heavier weights. Standard benches on the other hand, are specific to lower-pound weight trainers.
  • Olympic weight benches ideally last longer compared to standard benches. And because you’re paying for durability and quality, an Olympic bench is typically more costly.


Both of these training benches are adjustable. They have an incline adjustment that allows transition of bench positions with ease.

Ease in transition is not the main purpose why they have adjustable seats but, to make sure that the users can perform various exercises with utmost safety.

When you are training, honing different muscles entails performing different types of exercises. The adjustable seat offers the support that you need.

Other Features

• There are also standard Olympic benches that you can see at health clubs. The features include the combination of flat and incline bench presses.  But in terms of durability, these benches are not as durable as the typical Olympic weight lifting benches.

Final Consideration

The best consideration for an Olympic Weight Bench is the pounds that will be lifted.  If you are going to be lifting more than 250 lbs on a regular basis, this type of bench is going to be your best bet.  This high amount of weight places considerable stress on the frame and body of the bench.  So you need a bench designed to support that kind of weight lifting for safety and durability reasons. 

Having researched the Internet, here are suppliers we have found that offer great prices for Olympic Weight Lifting Benches:  Big Fitness.com and Fitness Giant.com.



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