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How to Select the Right Weight Lifting Gloves

Weight lifting gloves are necessary in any workout session just as are weights and weight lifting benches.

The proper gloves, aside from helping you lift more weight, will prevents sore hands, blisters, and the formation of calluses.

Since this is important to your workout session, you should select the right weight lifting gloves to prevent the possibility of you dropping weight and end up with a broken toe.

Here is how to select the right weight lifting gloves.

Weight lifting gloves are a practical solution to sweaty palms that is borne out of the exercise session.

Still another reason for wearing gloves during a workout session is that they decrease pressure on your wrists preventing the slight pain as you lift a weight.

Weight Lifting GlovesFurther, this product is especially necessary for women because their skin is more sensitive to sores and blisters and since they are breathable your hands will not suffer from drying or cracking up.

Selecting the right gloves does take time and effort because you have to ensure that you get high-quality gloves specifically for weight training. Knowing how to choose the right pair of gloves could spell the difference between being safe and getting injured.

Here are simple guidelines for you to be able to choose the right pair of gloves to answer your weight lifting needs:

Size Matters: A firm and comfortable grip is a necessity when buying such type of gloves. Buying gloves that fit your hand well is therefore a must.

This principle is the same as wearing the right sized shoe. Wearing oversized or undersized shoes will produce blisters and calluses on your feet.

There are 4 sizes available for such gloves: small, medium, large, and extra large. To be able to determine if the pair of gloves you have your eye on is the right size, you can simply ask to try the gloves on. While it’s on, get the feel for the gloves by flexing your fingers and clenching and unclenching your fists.

Material: The next consideration is the material your gloves are made of and available materials for such gloves are: nylon, neoprene and leather. Nylon may be light but is not the best choice though because it tends to be slippery.

Neoprene and leather gloves help in preventing moisture however many pro athletes recommend using neoprene not only because it is breathable but that it is light and long lasting.

How to close: There are two ways to close weight lifting gloves once you’ve worn them, the Velcro type and the slip-on type. Choosing between the two is completely up to the user however the idea here is that if you want gloves that allow you to easily and quickly take off then opt for the Velcro type.

Serious weightlifter choose Velcro types because other than the ease of use it offers a stronger fitting but if you’re just not that seriously considering weight lifting (meaning you will not be joining competitions) then you can opt for the slip-on type of gloves.

Wrist support: Casual weightlifters can make great use of ordinary gloves that only cover the hands but if you plan on getting serious with this, consider gloves that wrap around the wrists or gloves that have long straps that can also wrap around the wrists for maximum support for lifting heavier weights. The downside is that such gloves are harder to wear on and take off.

Where to buy: There are two ways to acquire your gloves, from local shops and through the Internet. Though buying your first pair from the Internet is easier since you can buy them wholesale at a lesser price, nothing beats having the chance to try on the gloves to see if it is the right fit.

One last tip when buying gloves, start with the most affordable pair then as you progress, change into the more expensive with higher quality gloves.

There you have it, the lowdown on weight lifting gloves and as a parting shot, here’s to you and a slimmer healthier version of you.



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