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How to Select a Weight Lifting Bench for Home Use

If you are looking to do your weight lifting workouts at home, you need a weight lifting bench that is as versatile as possible. Here is help in selecting the perfect weight lifting bench for home use.

Top Rated Weight Lifting BenchThe weight lifting bench along with your dumbbells is the core of your home gym. These two comprise the tools you will rely upon to do a variety of exercises.


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As you are no doubt aware, there are lots of producers of weight lifting benches. Here are easy guidelines that will help you sort out the confusion and select the most appropriate weight bench for your personal needs.

• First off, do consider the features you want for your bench. One great feature you might want is a leg-curl mechanism and storage racks where you can store your weights.

• Do think about your needs. If you will only be using hand-held weights then there is no use in buying a bench that has an additional bar since you’re not going to use a barbell anyway.

• There are benches that have attachments that allow you to work on your leg muscles, if this is your fitness goal, put this into consideration.

• Of course you will not be using the same weights in every exercise routine, therefore if your bench comes with a horizontal bar, see to it that you can add, change, or remove weights easily so as not to disrupt your momentum.

• Do consider the amount of space you have in your home otherwise you might end up buying something you don’t have the room to use. It is a wise move to measure the area where you are planning to place your bench and if need be, you should clear the area first.

• Take into account how wide your door is otherwise it will be a daunting task to fit your machine. Also, are you going to take your bench upstairs to that extra room? Or are bringing it to the basement where your exercise den is located? If you’re saying yes to using a flight of stairs then choose a bench that you can easily pull up or push down the stairs.

• It is best that you choose a weight lifting bench that can be adjusted so that it will take up lesser space when it is not in use. As an example, if you are opting for a weight bench that allows you to exercise the legs, get one that has leg extensions that you can slide under the bench.

• Do check the bench to determine how easy it is to adjust mechanisms if there are any and also to determine if the bench has superior quality.

• Ask the manufacturer what extra weights come with the bench you have your eye on to help you determine what other weight you will likely buy.

• Do try working on your budget without sacrificing quality. Yes there are lots of cheaper models out there but see to it that it is not of poor construction otherwise you’d end up in accident with a broken bench after just a few months of use and a heavy barbell on top of you.

• You can buy such type of bench online or offline. Whatever is your choice do research about the manufacturer or seller so you will learn if they are legitimate. Product reviews are a good starting point as most of the time they come from consumers themselves.

• Be sure to understand the return policy first before paying for your purchase so that you will become aware as to what to do just in case the product is not up to your standards.

• Lastly, to be able to get the best weight lifting bench, do check out with the seller or manufacturer regarding warranty, as this will give you more value for your purchase.



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