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Weight Lifting Benches

Here you will find popular versions of weight lifting benches at great prices.

Featured here are a wide variety of styles of weight benches at prices that will fit every budget.

Weight lifting Benches are pieces of equipment that allow a person to do a variety of strength training exercises.

They can be as simple as a flat bench or more elaborate with many more features.

There are dozens of weight lifting benches on the market.


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Some benches are fixed and horizontal; others are designed with an incline and have a fixed angle that does not move.

Still others are adjustable allowing the user to raise or lower the height or change the angles.

The weight bench provides support for a person while they are performing various exercises. In most cases the user is lying on the bench while lifting weights.

Using a weight bench to perform exercises adds depth, dimension and increased range of motion to a workout.

In short, the use of a weight bench enhances the workout so the person exercising gets more benefit from the effort.

They enable a user to change the angle of the muscle group they are working and isolate work on a particular muscle group. As well, a weight bench provides padding, support and safety to the spine to all that use it.

Types of Weight Lifting Benches

There are a variety of different types of weight benches.

Each has a different purpose. Most standard weight lifting benches are able to withstand and hold lifting up to 185 lbs.

If you are going to be lifting higher amounts of weight the best bet would be to opt for an Olympic version weight bench.

Some benches even come with wheels, which can be a helpful option because that allows the piece of equipment to be easily moved to other areas of your home garage or gym.

Most benches will have an upright rack on one end to hold a barbell with weights. Some will have safety mechanisms and catches to protect the user. These can be particularly helpful if you are lifting by yourself (without a spotter).

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Adjustable Weight Benches

These weight lifting benches are very popular and are designed so they can be adjusted to different positions: flat, inclined or declined. This ability to adjust can allow for a greater range of exercises.

Preacher Weight Benches

These are specifically designed for working the biceps. They are designed with pads that are angled so the upper arms and elbow are supported while working out.

Hyper Extension Benches

This type of exercise bench is intended for those desiring to exercise their lower back, gluteus muscles, hamstring and abdominal muscles.

Abdominal Weight Benches

This bench is specifically designed to assist with abdominal exercise. They are declining benches with rollers at the end. Our feet hook under the rollers so you do not slide off the bench.

Olympic Lifting Benches

These are benches that are intended for the serious weight lifter. They are designed to withstand and provide support if lifting weight higher than 185 lbs. They are generally wider that other types of benches and have more padding.

How to Select a Weight Lifting Bench

When the time comes to purchase your own weight bench there are some important considerations you should keep in mind to help you make a good decision.

  • Choose a weight bench that will accommodate the exercises you plan to do.  
  • Make sure the bench can handle the weight you plan to lift. Those made with thick steel tubing are more resistant to cracking and breaking from stress.  
  • Look for one that is designed for comfort. A wide bench with thick padding will be safer and be more comfortable throughout your complete workout.  
  • Make sure the size of the bench will fit into the space you have planned for it in your home. Along that line, if you are tall make sure the bench will fit your torso.  
  • Benches with racks are usually best for people that may be exercising on their own. That will be important for safety. Some racks have multiple grooves to so that if you are struggling with the bar bell you can set it into a groove to avoid injury.  
  • If your budget allows, an adjustable bench will probably be better than a flat bench as it will allow you to do more exercises and will not be something you will quickly grow out of. 

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Basic Weight Training Safety Tips

When using a weight lifting bench be sure to be safe and exercise in the proper way, with correct form. Learning technique from a certified trainer is always advisable.

Always warm-up, include stretching in your routine and never take on more weight than you can safely handle.

It is always best to have someone with you to “spot” for safety.

Lift and lower the weights slowly. Bouncing and jerky movements can lead to injuries.

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